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May not be what you think…

Now, I’m not joining a liberation that has led to extreme philosophies with what I am saying, but I am making a “connection” to something we have lost touch with, and it is a way of  establishing “true freedom” not just some popular human rights establishment.

What rights do women have in Saudi Arabia, or Iraq, Iran, Egypt or China or some of the African countries ?  In fact friends, in most parts of the world, that are not Christian nations, a woman is a slave, belittled, walks behind the man and is considered lowly.

Doesn’t this ring a bell to you that; the faith in God, and Christianity, we have established this nation (USA) upon, is the right moral way of real life, as handed down from our past?

It is when we begin to separate ourselves from the true God, and the Christian way, these natural brute beast powers take over, as Hitler, Attila the Hun and all the mongrels of the past, even the communists, now the Muslim extremists, down to the African rooted leaders now aspiring to control and dismiss Christianity to follow their own traditions and customs.

Friends, even in the dark ages, so called, because the religion in control “itself” separated from true Christianity and performed the greatest atrocities known to the world, God forbid, they did them in “the name of God” mind you, under the so called Vicar (substitute) of Christ. 

You see, it is obvious, when mankind, or even a nation, puts himself in place of Christ, or eliminates Christ, that man or nation changes color, and becomes dark, and then steeped in traditions set by the state of the art of the politics or even the religion at the top.

Good people exist in all establishments of mankind, but this fact does not excuse the leaders of all nations, past, present and future, who lead their people away from Christianity and not towards it.

So women’s rights, are not some libertarian movement, but a return to the way it should be, as it was in creation and will be in the eternity.

Thank God then “women”; for Jesus Christ your real libertarian, keeping in mind the parameters, as a “man” is to keep his;

“the woman is only subject to the man as the man is to Christ” do you get the connections here ?

Marie Antoinette said; what is now considered a racist statement, but is relevant to the essence of this analogy, and that was; “when the slave is in the high places of power the nation will fall”.  You say how does that relate to what I’ve said so far ?  Friends we are all slaves, and the slaves she was in reference to was the uneducated populist, not the man of color, but it’s a principal, and that is; we are all subject to sin and immorality, and if we remain uneducated in the church of Christ we will remain so, and thus our nation will fall if this we type are in power.

The USA has taken a great moral step backwards, when it supported men like our past President, who was not worthy of the position he assumed.  No more than the President that passes laws supporting “one religion over another”, for our nation was founded on religious freedom first, and foremost, and that is why “our woman have rights”.

The church, in the bible, is prophetically pictured as “a woman”, a true church; a pure woman, and a false church; as a whore.  When our nation puts the whore as the icon, as did the French revolutionaries did; “reason” “over religion” (see French revolution by searching my site) we will have fulfilled our declaration as the beast power of revelation 13 who declares “death again” to those who will not “worship” as they so dictate.  Will they call for “worship of the woman” of revelation 12 or 14 ?

Which woman has the right – you tell me from those chapters?

As Jesus warns, its up to us to know about all the beasts of the bible, and the women who have or have not the right. 

Right now my friends we have rights, but they are slowly be taken away, or have you noticed ?  I wonder what will become their substitutes ?

The bible is clear if we have “The Spirit of Prophecy” which is “The Testimony of Jesus” which is; “The Foundation of Christianity, liberator and founder of women’s rights.


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