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Isn’t God wonderful?
ccording to most Christians, on the planet “today”; when a person dies, they either go to Heaven or Hell right ? Now stick with me and you’ll see where I’m going in this Holy War phenomena. This presents two problems for God, or at least our perception of Him.

First, let’s take the lesser of the two problems;

If a person goes to Heaven right after they die, as the popular doctrines teach, then our loved ones, who have passed on, are now looking down on this earth seeing their sons and daughters being terrorized, maimed, and tortured because of who they are? 

They are also seeing the destruction of this earth and all that it causes, not to mention the strife, diseases, death suffered by those like the Sudanese people right now, not to mention the millions and millions who died under such men as Attila the Hun and the rest of the terror mongrels, even the Romans, and (not leaving Christianity out) the Roman Pontiffs, down to Hitler, melosivich and all those of the past who mercilessly persecuted humanity;

   For what?

  Political gain, or personal religious views, views that have no Godly (Religious or Scriptural) prerequisites.

  So, what kind of place is Heaven when all they can see, looking down over the many years of observation, is human suffering?  I’d be asking God; why did you let me come up here, just to watch my love ones suffer so intensely, let me go back and stand in their place (i.e. Moses) and let them come up here.

  No friends, the dead are dead “they know not anything” the ancient scriptures tell us (re Ecclesiastes 9:5-6,10), they are asleep waiting the resurrection of the dead at the end of this world (re Job 14:12, I Thessalonians 4:15-17). When sin, death, and yes, even the Devil and Hell are done away with forever (re Ezekiel 28:18, Revelation 20:14) no more to be looked upon by anyone.  For God knows we’ve seen enough suffering and death in our life times, and He certainly is not going to subject us to it in the New Heaven and Beyond.

  The second problem God has; I just mentioned, and that is Hell; that eternal place of punishment where all who do not believe as God will be sent?  And we thought Hitler was bad but at least he let the people die!

  No way, God is not going to torture anyone forever, and ever, and ever our sons and daughters?  Once again, if that were true, wouldn’t that make eternity wonderful? Well would it? Knowing they are there suffering eternal pain and punishment by a Wonderful God?

  This can only be ended with a glad note, and by only one conclusion; God is not like he is being described by the followers of the two most popular leaders (of the two divisions of Christianity) who continue to uphold these teachings, not found in the Ancient Scriptures, yet used to promote their own personal agendas.

  We hear the word “Holy Wars” and we accept that is what we are now facing from the latest of persecutors, but just as Christianity has put things in Gods mouth, so also have these nominal religious factions; if they think He allows suicide and destruction of innocent life (destruction of heretics) as a way of spreading the truth, which stands in direct contrast to what they know the Ancient Scriptures teach, then categorically they are wrong, dead wrong.  However, they are no more wrong than their counterparts (western religious bigots) who are the first to point the finger at these foreign religious bigots, while the preverbal four point back at them.

  No, God is not in a holy war between; Religion verses Religion, Doctrines vs. Doctrines, but one against SIN ! Against destruction, suffering, killing, torturing, and maiming of the innocent, and the very things these False Shepard’s say the scriptures support (re Rev. 13: ) all of them !

So in fact, they (any religion) are waging a war not against holiness but against God and His word.                                                                Y

Think about it………

The following is an article I found while researching for “Holy Wars” looking for Islamic connections worldwide and their influence and results of that influence:

No more New York business with pro-slavery Sudan: activists

News Article by AFP on October 05, 1999 at 11:43:51:

No more New York business with pro-slavery Sudan: activists

NEW YORK, Oct 4 (AFP) - US activists urged the city of New York Monday to stop conducting business with the pro-slavery regime in Sudan, arguing
that residents have become accomplices in the regime's abuses through
pension fund investments.

Charles Jacobs, president of the American Anti-Slavery Group (AASG), said
that Sudan's "fundamentalist regime enslaves and murders thousands of
black Africans as part of a Holy War."

Troops loyal to Khartoum have abducted hundreds of thousands of women and children in southern Sudan and forced to work as slaves for individuals or the state over the past years, anti-slavery groups around the world

The UN children's agency, UNICEF, said earlier in the year that there was
"irrefutable evidence of a well-established slave trade" in Sudan, but
gave no figures on the size of the trade.

Most of those enslaved are black Christians or Animists, the groups

In a special hearing with the city council Monday, Jacobs said the New
York pension fund portfolio includes 186,000 shares of Talisman Energy, a
Canadian company "that is making Sudan an oil-rich nation."

The Khartoum regime uses slavery as a weapon of terror, and has admitted
using oil profits to buy weapons, Jacobs added.

The AASG said that it has launched a national campaign to warn people
living in the United States that they could be unwitting accomplices to
Sudanese slavery through investments in their retirement funds.

Large US mutual and pension fund managers, such as Vanguard and Fidelity, include Talisman stock in mutual funds, Jacobs said.

The national teacher's pension fund, TIAA/CREF, also holds Talisman stock,
according to Jacobs.

"Imagine, America's teachers educate our children about the horrors of
slavery and then, unknowingly support it with their retirement fund,"
Jacobs said.

Current policy "makes millions of New Yorkers inadvertent partners to
slavery and slaughter," Jacobs told city officials.

"In Sudan a person can become the property of another for life, bought and sold, traded and inherited, branded and bred," Jacobs said.

The special hearing was requested by New York city comptroller Alan

In July, the Zurich-based Christian Solidarity International group bought
the freedom of 2,035 Sudanese slaves, paying through Arab intermediaries
the equivalent of 50 dollars for each person set freed.



We look at the terrorism and destruction that has finally come to America and we point to Osama bin Laden as the worst of the worst and never once realize this is a Holy War for him in his mind and ideals, and he is doing these acts against a power (USA) his religion has condemned.  Much like Sadam Hussain condemned the western world for projecting sin and promiscuity, as “we do”, and are guilty in any court.

We can only understand this “Holy War” thing if we open our eyes to the past of which we have closed in our prejudice.

The descendants of Ishmael and Isaac have been at war for centuries, since the time of Abraham, a person of whom even the scriptural literate[1] do not know because we have dismissed the old testament as irrelevant, and some do not even believe he existed because of his connection to God the creator of the universe of which the large majority of the world say is myth.

Myth or not, these two societies of people still exist on this earth today, and believe me, they know their history and that is why they are still at war with each other as a result.  The United States of America has unilaterally supported Israel both politically and spiritually because we share the same belief of our past history[2].  The followers of Islam who split their history at the time of Abraham have gone their own way under their own prophets and scriptures.  Right or wrong for the USA only the scriptures can say;

How did this split in the descendants of Abraham come about?  Lets look at the scriptures “we have confirmed” through archeology;

Gods promise to Abraham:

Abraham was told by the creator of the universe that he was to be the father of a race of people who would inherit the promise land, and eventually the world, and his descendants would be as the sand of the sea. 

Well, cutting it short, many years go by, Abraham and his wife were past the age of child bearing and they still had no descendants.  Sarah, Abraham’s wife, told him to take his slave woman and bear a child, as it must be Gods will (in her own mind).  Of course they were wrong in this assumption, but having done so, this made their first offspring the holder of the birthright, traditionally given to the first born.  The Islam’s claim this heritage and the promise land as theirs by promise and tradition, and the USA, by virtue of power, stands in their way.  Naturally then (in their minds) we are going against God in this affair, and thus, a “Holy War” is justified by the followers of Osama bin Laden and the others (many others) around the Arab world.

This seems like the way it should be (the first born is the heir) until one reads the scriptural accounts, rejected of course by the Islam’s, but accepted by the Israelites and the Christians alike.  In the end unfortunately it’s scriptural history that cannot be denied, that is, unless you remove those parts of the scripture that tell how God decided the birthright affair.

You see, this is the problem with all religions today, when they come to a part of the bible that disagrees with what they believe, they dismiss it as not a part of the word of God, and as a result we have bigotry, fanaticisms and terrorism under religious justification.  Since the Muslims and Islamic and most of the Arab nations, who believe the bible the Christians hold as scripture is false, we have a Holy War on our hands, because Christians hold that history cannot be segmented, at least when we don’t want it to be, we stand firm.

We (USA Christians) call ourselves freedom fighters, and yet, we are on the verge of passing laws aganist our own religious freedoms, whether by separation from it, or laws to enforce it, and eventually doing it by passing laws to support one religion over the other.  

Look at history:  Lets take the “Sunday Blue Laws” for example; still on our legal books today from since the turn of the last (1800’s) century.  When the congress of the United States passed these laws to appease the influence of the Papacy over certain senators who were in power at that time.  One senator was quoted as saying ‘there is only room for one religion on our continent and that is the Roman Catholic religion’, thus to compromise (I assume) with this growing power, the Sunday blue laws were passed under penalty of law against its perpetrators and many were persecuted as a result.

Since that time those laws “by popular demand” have been restrained, except for some highly populated Catholic areas around the country, where you can’t do any work on that day or buy beer etc. or you’ll be fined or thrown in jail, but the point is “they are still on the books”.  I had a friend that was jailed because he was mowing their lawn on Sunday so don’t tell me they are not enforceable at the drop of a whim.  The BIG point is; “real religion” is “freedom of religion” and that was the very foundation of this nation, at least until things like the Sunday blue laws, and Darwinism, and humanism stepped in; and now terrorism the lodgical next step, which naturally will call for a religious unity and doctrines being drawn up to strike out against (under law-legally of course) to silence such religious fanatics or groups the “religio-political congress” feel are a threat to this nation (where does it end ? or begin is a matter of time).

You say here you go again out on a tangent bashing Catholics without cause.  I say to those who do not know their history to stand by and look at the evidence and you will see an absolute connection to the ideology of the Papacy (of the past) and the Islamic justifications for “Holy Wars” that “will be fought in the future”, “as” have been fought in the past, “as” being fought in the present.

  When we my friends, separate ourselves form our past, whether by ignorance or intention, we have the tendency to repeat it, even the terrorism that we feel justified to use, we can call it republicanism or democracy or freedom the label means nothing in this regard[3].  The civil war is a prime example (read my Lincoln article-use search to find), the French revolution is another, when religion gains political power in any nation, that nation usurps its beliefs to what ever degree their laws allow.  With the Islamic it’s justified terrorism, with the Papacy its justified war against the heretics so called by their “laws” of religion, with the USA unfortunately its freedom in some cases.

We are so blind that we cannot see the return of religion to politics and as a result we “will” pass laws against our “own freedoms” to support what we feel, as Osama bin Laden, are justified in the site of God (re Rev. 13), never once looking to see “Gods opinion and prophecies” concerning these very things we are doing or going to do.

  Abraham after having taken matters into his own hands, not waiting on God, had the illegitimate child Ishmael. God however, under a miracle, gave the barren Sarah a baby.  The one Abraham was to call His receptor of the blessings from Heaven, and the real inheritor of the birthright, and the true bloodstream of the children of God, the real owners of the Holy lands to be distributed among their descendants.

We see then the battle “holy war” being fought by the Palestinians et al and the Israelites and we didn’t know the history until now.  I have a National Press Club tape, I purchased from C-SPAN where; Arafat (a man I like personally) claims roots from the direct descendant of Ishmael.  Making him and his descendants, by virtue of the Christian bible[4], “not” the inheritors of the Holy lands as claimed.  But hold on now this is not a conclusion;

Haven’t you ever wondered why the Holy Temple Mount is under the Muslim flag even to today?  The Arab alliance is strong and diverse and “really friends”, when it comes down to it “today”, “after Christ[5]”, they are just as worthy as the Israelites as being the keepers of it.

That seems like then a contradiction in the scripture, when I say they are just as worthy to hold land in Israel as the Israelites, having told the story of Gods choice of Isaac, but it’s true; for when Jesus came and was rejected by his own his chosen, his “predicted inheritors” of the birthright (Israel), and when they strung him up as an enemy they were rejected as a nation and people, and the temple as well as the birthright, and the inheritance was given to the Gentiles. Now get this big point; Gentiles, are anyone who calls on the name of the Creator God through Jesus Christ.  So the temple mount is up for grabs under that osmosis.

The important part of the inheritance, of this birthright then, we all are now to be privy to, is not our nationality, or what we consider to be a Gentile, nor land, nor world Vicar, but is “the Covenant”, the Covenant is our inheritance, but we have no knowledge of what that means, or we have perverted what it is at its very roots that we don’t honestly know what it means, and I mean in all religions calling upon the name of God.  God tells us (through His Son) it is those who keep the Covenant who are the true seed of Israel, and inheritors of eternal life, not just some land once called the promise land, for we who believe in the covenant, and keep it, look for a promise land not of this world but in HEAVEN that’s where we set our sights.

What was the covenant?

This is so vital, and as you will see, is what truly separates Gods people from all the other religious claims;

The “Covenant”; was kept in the “Ark of the Covenant” and was carried around by the children of God wherever they settled.  This same covenant; broken by Adam and Eve, preserved by Noah, faithfully kept by Abraham, written down by Gods own finger for mankind and given to Moses, handed down through generations of the chosen people kept without one fault by the Son of God who came (prophetically, in time) to display its righteousness, preserved through the dark ages (1260 years) where it came under attack and was altered by the religion in power, yet preserved by the faithful saints of God protected by Him (re Rev. 12) and given to His remnant saints as the last day gospel to go to all the world to every nation tongue and people (re Rev. 14) calling them back to the covenant and the Creator, God, who is one day (prophetically) sending His Son back to gather the faithful who have “kept the covenant” from all ages, who have and will bind them in their hearts and minds as a forever covenant of  faith, who will bind them in their personality (would rather die than break one - as Jesus), the covenant Adam and Eve breached way back in the beginning, this people would never breach even in death and thus sin will never rise again once it is put down.

Where should we stand then in this Holy war coming? 

Why, “with God” of course? 

But what does that mean, and on who’s side?

Some say the Catholics, some say the Baptists, Methodists, Jehovah Witnesses, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Adventists take your choice; but in your evaluation be sure to refer to the handed down “book of God” and His covenant as your bases of comparison, and when you do, you will find that “no Holy war”[6] (or what ever we want to call it) can possibly be justified unless its against sin and Satan.

You say I harp on the same subjects?

You say I always refer to the Papacy as some future beast when it’s the Osama bin Ladins who we should fear?




Failure to pray to Allah five times a day -- a requirement of the Muslim religion -- is punishable by imprisonment.


AFTER CAPTURING the Afghan capital five years ago, the Taliban imposed an unbending brand of Islam on a war-torn nation ruined by civil war and the Soviet invasion more than two decades ago. In today’s Afghanistan, thieves routinely have their limbs amputated. Women, banned from pursuing most careers, are executed for adultery. Pop music and dancing are banned, along with television and videos.
Even kite flying and laughing in public are censured. Most recently, the Taliban enraged Hindus around the world by requiring their minority population in Afghanistan to wear an identity label on their clothing to distinguish them from Muslims. In short, Afghanistan has been transformed into a feudal, anti-Western theocracy. Yet despite the iron grip on most Afghans, a two-week journey through this country revealed persistent signs of dissent.


Mohammed is already battle hardened. Captured with 1,500 other Talib fighters and held by northern forces for eight months, only 364 men emerged alive when the two sides exchanged prisoners. “When our captors threw a melon rind on the ground, we would fight over it like dogs,” Mohammed said. Mohammed said he is scarred for life, and pins his hopes on securing an Afghan passport. “Then maybe I can get into Pakistan and pay somebody to smuggle me to Europe.”


1] President Arafat addressed the National Press Club several years back and said; “you’ve herd of Abraham” ? and as the camera paned the audience it appeared to me as if they had no idea who or “what at least” he was talking about, truly it was obvious.

[2] True we choose to follow Jesus as the promised Messiah of Prophecy, and they still look for the Messiah.

[3] Don’t take me wrong I am only equating this analogy to the miss use of power by any agency.  I stand firm in my history and heritage with the patriotic loyalty of the fathers and but not necessarily with the amendments of late.

[4] See my article on the King James bible and how it was constructed from ancient manuscripts gathered from the ancient world not just one area as other bibles.

[5] Galatians 3:28-29.

[6] I say this aginist spiritural things not physical.  The USA is purly justified to defend its people as is Arafat or any nation for that matter aginist Satanic forces as long as we can well define them to be.  


Egyptology l Orion l Archeology l The Papasy l The Flood l Left Behind l Holy War l Watchman l Yahoo Debate l Whats New


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See Jehod

Read the following and weep, you who have chosen one of the above religions as your bases of comparison against the bible, and “the bible only” as the Word of God;

image014h.jpg (82708 bytes)

image017.jpg (265083 bytes)

image019.jpg (191835 bytes)

Seek rather the Remnant of the seed who keep the commandments of God (the covenant) and have faith in Jesus Christ.

Amos 5:8
Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night: that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth: The LORD is his name:


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