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And what they may do for us..

In an experiment, at one of our top universities, a professor of psychology split his class up into three groups:  His plan was an experiment with hypnosis, a practice of which I do not endorse; however, since the results of this experiment reveal a principal of truth I will use it as an example.

The professor took one of the groups, put them under the influence, and convinced them they had no past, and if you know anything about hypnosis they truly believed they had no past, it is that powerful.  Through hypnosis again; he took the present away from the second group, and the third he removed their future. 

As I say, if you know anything about the power of hypnosis, you know that it has control enough on the mind to block out even a sense of who you are, this is why it is so dangerous to allow anyone that kind of power over your life.  The hypnotic state can also be taken away, and then brought back at any point in time under the suggestions of the hypnotizer, so it’s like giving your free will over to that man or women.  I assume we have all read the stories about this, or have seen it on TV, and thought it was a joke?  It’s not my friend; I’ve seen it first hand, so you had better examine the realities of this potential power, and or the person using it, before you put your life in their hands.

So, the professor had these three groups before him; each thinking they had neither; future, present or past.  But, during this experiment, one of these groups, unanimously (every person in that group), actually started becoming schizophrenic, and you will never guess which one it was? 

My first thought was; the one who had their future taken away from them; for without a future, I thought, “what hope is there for going on”.  Since that was wrong, I was sure it was the one who sensed no present; like; “who am I, where am I, what am I doing here”, how nervy would that be?  But no, it was actually the group who had “no past” that became very disturbed, and, as it was described, actually started becoming schizo, and as a hypnotist you know it’s time to bring them back at that point.

"Memories; “that’s what we’re talking about”...memories…“wrapped between the pages of my mind" …the artists have written; 

Memories, something we obviously have a basic need for, or we are lost in space it appears, and you know; unless we are an orphan one really cannot even come close to understanding the need of a past or the importance of having one.  Most who are adopted eventually search for their real parents, and this so they can no “where they really came from” and who was their papa and mama, and we’ve all seen this reality played out.  The bond between paternal beings is that strong, going deeper than the conscience, and what a tremendous void there must be to not have a past, or a knowledge of a past.  A person I know (very close), having been abandoned by their parents as a baby, and get this, even later having found out who there mother was, and actually contacting her (but was told to stay away ‘by her own mother!’), my friend stated; “when I look back all I see is blackness”, and the disturbance from this is more than obvious all their life.


Today, as we look further and deeper into the “infinitesimal of space”; what are we really looking for my friends? 

I’ll tell you "our past” and I can also tell you; from the astrophysics’ down to the lonely man or woman without a family - without exception – “This is, our Quest”. 

And our psychic..

We train our eyes and ears into the space and listen for an answer;

Who are we?

Where did we come from?

Is there anyone like us out there?

Now, maybe we don't get schizophrenic about it like the college students when there’s no reply, but it does burn within us for a truth doesn’t it? 

You see, it’s been proven time and time again, man has an inner need to know about his past, and this is why I believe we have made up so many scenarios about how it all started, and the reason why we are possessed about it.  

But do you know something? 

Even with all these supposed truths we hold on too, we are still not convinced down deep; that even the best of the scenarios is “our real past”, including religion, and “rightly so my friend”. 

Can you guess why? 

Ask yourself; “What does the theory of evolution do for my need to have a real past?”  Other than assume our ancestries were amebas or monkeys? 

Really, what does this theory do for us? 

Oh sure, it is one very remote “theory” (and is still a theory friend[1]), but under this theory; our past still remains as dark as our future when we look at it from the fathomless dimension of billions of years.  It’s like looking out into space and believing there is an end some where (think about that one for a while).

This is why friend, there is more power, more substance in the word of God; for within there, is a really ‘believable past’, and more, it has been handed down to us from ancient times, “religiously”, “sacredly”, and I mean that in a contemporary sense[2]; the Bible is the story of man, a story of which we all want to know and believe, not morphologies and more theories but something sustentative that fills us up, something really believable as I said, something we can prove. 

The book about God and His people, the Bible, is not merely just a history book that tells us of our past, but it actually gives us a "beginning", of “mankind”, composed of "like beings" (big point) beings like ourselves, but much-much more; it promises us a future!  Now that is something evolution leaves completely out, no matter what they discover in the ground or on some distant planet, things we can never really prove and are really believable.

Yes, I know it is a fantastic past, with little scientific (as we call it) evidence supporting it[3], but the history of the Bible is just as "unbelievable" as the theories of science!  Scenarios, which are set so far back we can't even relate to them, and then to try imagine that the complex mind of man came from apes[4], sure none deny they are animals “in a living sense” as man, yes they are, but animals of which we have tried to train and we’ve seen the results, and monkeys still reproduce monkeys “in kind”, it’s just as unbelievable this is our past, as it is the we came “from nothing theory”, but, and this is a big "but" friend; because of the historical past (key words), being something we can relate to, “with procreated beings like ourselves”, not deviating in stature as far back as we can see, then, coupled with all the archeological evidence supporting the past (key words again), we can believe the Bible, handed down, kept as holy, treasured by our ancestors as our history, as our beginnings; and with this belief, faith if you want to call it that (which both beliefs require mind you) I say with ones belief in the Bible, we see then; “behind us” (a past/ another key) I say we can see “behind us - there is light” and “out ahead of us - their is light”.  Can you see that, do you understand that? 

Think about it for a few moments because this is a very important comparison relating to all I’ve said so far; “With the Biblical belief behind us there is light and ahead of us there is light, but then compare what we have under the theory of evolution; as far back as they project (which changes yearly), what do we see “behind us - there is darkness, and what do we see ahead of us - darkness”.

And our physic..

What did we come from? 

A single cell? 


Ameba, rocks[5], ha?

I put an article on the Appendix to this writing, which proposes (scientifically now) that man came from a sponge! (I laugh out loud every time I think about it) but it has really come to this in this “age of intellect”, where man is getting smarter and smarter, ha!

Then there’s the Spielberg’s[6] a growing mass (used to be the Trekies), now a lot more sophisticated and believable with their high tech, and what do they tell us?  We come from another planet somewhere, maybe even mars, but from out there somewhere, and the beings that created us, don’t even look like us?  Out there, where there is life?[7]  But when we look out there we have seen no evidence of it yet, even after trillions upon trillions of dollars have been shot out into space, it’s still dark and silent….


A dark lifeless place “out there” as it’s playing out so far that’s all there is, isn’t it? 

As we probe deeper and deeper into the blackness of space, both by sight and sound, we see no possibilities of these fantasies being part of our scenario though. This is why for years of observing the abyss, we have never discovered a single planet (inhabited implied), yet[8], but just as soon as the depression of this incomprehension, of time and space and no planets begins to have an ill effect on us (1998), wham, suddenly were are seeing more and more planets outside our solar system?  Doesn’t this strike you as odd?  Especially when you consider our technology hasn't changed since the Hubble, so how does this happen? 

I'll tell you friend, fabrication, science fiction! 

Just like the scientists advertised they had “created life” in the test tube (Science magazine was the first time I saw it, 2001 Jan issue I think), and it claimed so “in big letters as the cover article” (which is the only thing most people read and think it’s true), and not just this one magazine alone but  some of the most (once) trusted magazines[9] have fallen prey to this same propaganda, but when you look inside of the magazine to see how they created life, and take a closer, a more critical look, you discover they haven't even set one atomic particle into motion, much less sparked new life in their primordial soup vats, and listen, we have been for years, get this now, we have been trying for years “deliberately” to find the right mix to spark life by “intentionally”, using the most sophisticated computers, combining every known element together, but to no avail. 

Yet the evolutionist claims, in “their accepted and defended reality”, life is based on the right mix "just happening to fall together" in the primordial soup, then ultimately, billions of years later creating the complex life forms we have today.  Don't make me sick; for if all the power of the computer age can't do it, in what, the last 40 years or longer, then all that is left is deception, and the gullible public eat it up. 

So those banner articles trick us into thinking they have created life from chemicals, just like it spontaneously happened billions of years ago, yes, and then the same deceivers, in desperation, or need of public funding, turn around in the other direction and say that they have found a planet, or proof, of life out there in the eternity some billion light years away, with a sensor?  Talk about darkness, that’s why lying is such a dark thing in the end, right up there with murder and worse, wake up dreamer. 

So then, when the people who buy into these theories, direct their subconscious sights towards their past, or their future, what do they see?  Speculation, extrapolation, exaggeration, and more and more theories, more lies and improbabilities,  when all around us it is evident; our (growing ever better) world is shutting down from only the last 100 years+ of pollution, or is it the disruption in the balance of nature “not kept”, and/or a finale from a predicted nuclear annihilation because of the mental state man is in (smarter sure), and this all defies the basic logic of science and theory, from Darwin up to the greatest theorist;  Because friends; we are not becoming more co habitable, smarter, more perfect, more adaptable[10], but we are becoming less and less a habitable world, both physiologically and especially sociologically, and the decadence becomes more and more overwhelming as we head towards globalization….. 

Who can stay the tide of over population?

Who has the power to stop over use, and the production of certain atmospherically harmful products, or supply real human needs?  Then there is greed as seen in the stock market crises’, the prevalent immorality in every facet of life being crammed down out throats, setting the “pace of our palates”, and the creeping diseases moving slowly and insidiously as the world heats up to a natural meltdown?

Darkness lays ahead, not hope, at least for our children’s time on this earth, and for us, there’s the eminent death and the darkness of the grave? 

So we set a panacea for hopes sake, but the dimensions are to far out there to help me and my family, or the crying children in the wilderness of the shadow of death, why?  Because we are allotted only certain fleeting moments of consciousness in this life, and friends take it to heart; if you have no religion, you just cease to exist, and all the space stations in the world can not change this.

And our spirit...

This then brings up the religious aspect.  You see, I believe, the aforementioned group from the university experiment, who had their past taken away from them;  lost not only where they came from, but felt, or found within that context, no reason to live (the schizophrenic part) having nothing to build a future upon! 

See it? 

This then, is where religion sets in; and religion we have in every civilization and society of people as far back as we can read[11], telling me these same problems, within the localized sphere of existence, have been happening since the beginning….of time.

We have time records of the past that support this, that is, the records which haven’t been destroyed[12], which are contrary to our modern beliefs; a belief that includes “the past is just fiction”, ignorance and nothing to build upon[13], and friends the only reason we have come to such hopeless conclusions, is we have put all our money into science an not God.  Science has no understandable past[14], science has no answer for our future, and thus is dark and hopeless, and since it is now the accepted truth, we subconsciously see religion, real religion, through dark eyes, and worse, have even put dark religion[15] in the place of the real history we were handed down (the mosaic and Christian past) and as a result we deny the history and call it fiction for just cause. 

Aren't we saying then friend, by turning our backs on the real history and our real past; "we like the darkness and want to apply it to all we believe?"  Just as the group who had no past, we are subjecting then ourselves to a senseless existence, going nowhere even in our religion now, with the same results when faced with the coming reality, when a sheer agonizing, and overwhelming feeling of loss takes over, after seeing we have been wrong, but caught in time and indecision with no time left to change (the Bible says there will be gnashing of teeth and that experience of loss will be the hell of it, not the fire, it will be the relief) for eternity has ended just as the Bible predicts and time has ended for change.

On the other hand, if we have accepted the past, handed down to us through history, as our reality, we then have a “present consciousness” to explore and find the direction we came from based on history and a reality not known or ever known to those who reject it[16]. 

For the life of me I cannot understand how one could not at least explore the past, a past we have been handed through the hands of martyrs, and sort it out for the answers, for the truth.

What answers are possible if we go the route of a “historical past”? 

The search is unlimited, at least in our lifetime.  There is so much history (and fiction) written down about the past experiences of man, one could begin reading now and never quit for the rest of their life, and this leaving no room for sorting out the fiction from the history, and under this approach I’m afraid, darkness and patience give in to soon, and we loose hope in finding out the truth.

So how could we start to discover some presence of reality, of truth and the surety it provides? 

This is not as hard as you would think.  Some realities are right in front of our face, and the reason we can not see them is we have been inundated by so much fiction it has crowed out the simple realities very close behind us.

If one would go back, say, just a hundred and fifty years ago, we would see a more simple world; one that hadn't changed for thousands of years, one that for the most part was a hand-me-down world, much like you find still existing in the third world countries, or the remote places people live yet today[17] where the way of life has not changed as far back as they can see. 

When you couple with this reality, mans forgetfulness, and lack of record keeping, you find some single civilizations have been lost in the past because of a lack of upholding the past morals and maternal stability, showing us that only in, and as a result of digging up the past, can we partially know of their reality and the keys to longevity both in this life and beyond.

For years the Hittite civilization was only spoken of in the bible circles alone, and of course, the scientific generation denied their reality and existence, and put it out as biblical myth, as they do most of religion, but friends, before we entered into the twentieth century, the Hittite civilization had been uncovered by archeologists, and suddenly that ancient civilization was a reality, and the bible vindicated as a true source of history, and, the atheists silenced at least on that point.

Believe it or not, the same story surrounds the ancient Egyptian civilization, which for hundreds of years had been lost tract of, and it was only the bible that told stories about this kingdom of the past.  The Egyptian people couldn't even read the hieroglyphics and the reliefs in the ancient ruins until the late 18th century.  You see the records of the past they left, got lost in the everyday shuffle of life, and after hundreds of years, and the displacement of people groups through war and the like, this great and powerful civilizations past was lost in time.

One stone was found however that changed this darkness into light, and after "twenty long years" of deciphering, the entire history of the Egyptian culture was opened up,


The Rosetta stone opened up the Egyptian language and culture that had been lost.  Even with all the monuments in their face no one could read them (including the Egyptians) until this stone was found and deciphered and it wasn’t done by Egyptians believe it or not.  Doesn’t the Bible say somewhere “even the stones will cry out?”

And once again the Bible was vindicated as a real part of our historical inheritance, and is still being so, established by more and more discoveries made every day as time passes.  King David, claimed as the root and offspring of Jesus, author of some of scripture, had not been found mentioned “on stone” until just a couple years ago from this writing in 04.

The Jewish people, although having lost tack of time and a lot of their religious past, still today, hold fast to the ancient manuscripts, which tell the story of time, from Gods root civilizations as handed down from generation to generation, stretching back thousands of years into our past.  This people group "still exists" today, and by virtue of their existence we must consider them to be a corridor to our real past “as mankind” leaving their modern circumstance as decadence.

The Chinese are also an ancient people, but unfortunately some years ago an egotistical emperor destroyed their past history, now lost forever except that archeology uproots fragments from time to time, these fragments however tell of all that happened as that people group left the ark, and yes, there have been found records of the flood related to this great nation, as well as the once worshiping of the Creator God of Adam and Eve, accept it or not.

Pictographs etched on tortoise shells tell a story of the ancient Chinese and their lost culture.

The Gilgamesh epic, as it is called, was found as a “keep sake” a treasure of the past, a historical document, on display, in the library of a Hittite king, who was, in fact, mentioned in the bible, once denied by science of course, until his very library was found; with display cases as it were of his treasures of the past history such as; the flood records (two of them from different cultures), also some twenty thousand clay tablets of history written on them, opening up a whole page once closed, and more importantly, validating the Bible once more as the history book it is.  It would be like digging through the rubble left after a nuclear explosion that stopped the world as we know it for hundreds of years waiting on the atmosphere to clear to come outside again and as we were digging we discover the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian and all the treasures of life as we have known it from the beginning would be rediscovered.  Unfortunately we might get a different interpretation of the past than the one discovered in the Hittite Kings library and treasure house.  Millions of years ago……


King of the Hittites Sennacherib was a world conquer, and his library treasures tell us that, and since his capital city of Nineveh was the religious center of the world during his time, places even more significance on these discoveries.  His treasures include an ancient manuscript (even in those days) about a universal flood.

I’m thinking about all the civil wars going on, even right now, in the various parts of the world; and I remember one scene on a news channel where the records of an entire civilization were lost due to an “intentionally set fire or bomb” in the only library of that people.  All of their history was gone in a racially biased moment, and when you extrapolate this scenario back into the past, torn with one war after another, it is easy to see how civilizations got lost, and all that’s left are some times just ruins, and friends, even entire “people groups, distinct cultures” have been completely genocide from existence, with no one left to tell their story, just the way the persecutor wanted it to be[18].

I say it wasn’t so long ago in our believable (acceptable[19] past), a past we can look back and see; a society that was founded on the principals of God and a belief therein.  Sure, the men individually may have been scoundrels, but all toll, they knew “from the past” where the truth and power was and lays (to be a great nation), and as a result, this nation were are under today (USA) arose like no other[20], except it be the nation of ancient Israel under Gods hand, and look how long we have had peace on our shores.  This peace and prosperity has however only begun to fragment since man has removed Gods influence; from his education foremost, and subsequently his heart, then his family, and lastly the nation.  This shows itself most in the fact that we have articled almost to death our constitution, and even calling for more constitutional reforms, now over marriage believe it or not, how much worse could it get seeing we’ve already given the “Gays rights”, something that caused God to destroy two whole nations of people?  I remember in the 60’s if I would have said the word “queer” my mother would have smacked me, it was defiantly a closet word as late as the 1960’s.  Most people don’t realize that when we put homosexual rights over Gods (especially in schools) we have fulfilled one of the Biblical signs of the end of the world, in that in the time of the end it will be like “Sodom and Gomorrah” - deny that.

Can we return to the days of greatness before 911 (really before 1963-65)?  Never, for just as decadence and greed, and self satisfaction has infected and destroyed the habitat, so has mans heart become hardened, and listen it was a slow gradual process of compromises, so slow, we have just begun to wake up and try to get back our nation but it’s too late.  The thing we will do however, and it’s predicted, is a knee jerk reaction (just wait till the born again “so-called” Christians get into full power) this group “must react” to having their nation destroyed by allowing the left to take over, see it? and this right (which “is” right in its self), but when this right is in full power, it will enforce religion “by law” under a penalty of death (which “is” wrong any religion enforced is wrong), and then my friend, we will have become fully the Image of the beast of Revelation, and “you don’t even see it happening right now do you?” you don’t unless you have read all my site, and have had your eyes opened to what’s happening in reality (behind the scenes as it were), and friend, it’s a reality we (the church) have denied and forsaken[21], we are blinded to a reality, which was predicted for us “beforehand” all that is happening and what will soon happen, it is for us not the Jews only. 

No wonder Satan wants to destroy faith in God and creation together, get the point, it’s the big one. 

This is why the last call form God before the end of time folks is to return to the God of creation, and to His worship, and avoid the Mark of the beast which will destroy us (Rev. 14:6-14).  Put that in your memory banks to expand on it some day, but pray its not one of those memories that resurfaces on a day when we can’t act upon it, when time for change is no more, and that great edict has been given that marks; “time has ended” (Rev. 22:11-12) after which “no man can change” for the allotted time is over.

You know, people don’t like to think about Judgment, especially when it’s their own, but since 1844 a.d., according to the Prophecy, we have been in the final prophetic day of the cleansing of the sanctuary (the symbolic Yom Kippur) the anti-typical day of the final cleansing of the Sanctuary but this time “it’s the heavenly one that needs cleansed”!  (The heavenly sanctuary was the pattern of which the earthly sanctuary was constructed - Hebrews 9:23-24) The bible says to us, right now, we are in the day of the heavenly judgment period where every case will be herd from Adam to the last, and when this work is complete, the aforementioned edict will be given because all cases have been herd and the outcome determined (that’s why Jesus brings His reward to give every man and woman “with Him” at the second coming in the clouds – Acts 1:9-11, Rev. 22:12).  We don’t know when that time will be, but very soon, according to the state of the world as we have been looking at, and all decisions will have been made, including yours and mine, in our minds and hearts where all decisions are made, and friend think about it; after every case has been herd what would keep Jesus from coming then? 

Where do we stand now; is the question for our memories, and as we scan them, do we see the end as “we have imputed it above” or as “God has described it” to be? and on that thought; do we see “Gods memories” making up our minds or our own? 

I ask you which will stand in the days to come? 

May I suggest; if we are not on Gods side, the walls will close in on us before we know it and all I’ve been writing about was to no avail?

One last closing picture; that illustrates this memory thing, and how it will be “a blessing some day” or “Hell itself” for us;

One day, as I have referred, the “last case” will have been brought before the heavenly judgment seat, and that great edict will be given marking the end of time, and Christ will come back with His reward to give every man and woman as their work shall be[22], and when Jesus comes back the righteous dead will raise from their grave to receive their reward of immortality (I Corin. 15:51-53) and the living righteous will also receive theirs (I Thess. 4:13-17) but the wicked living will be struck dead (II Thess. 2:8, Rev. 20:5-6) by the same glory that attended the presence of God in the olden temple in Israel where the person or priest who had sin, un-repented sin, was struck dead if they entered that glory.  The world, will not be left inhabited, it will be left in shambles with only Satan and his evil angles remaining, bound by chains as it were, left to look upon what they have done for 1000 years (Rev. 20).  After that thousand years have expired the New Jerusalem will descend to this earth with the resurrected saints aboard, and as it lands the wicked dead will be raised, and Satan’s bounds as it were will be broken for now he has a people to rally once again, this time to take the city.  How much time elapses we don’t know, but one thing we can speculate upon that has to do with my subject of memories.

The walls of the city are as clear crystal of jasper (Rev. 21:18) and I can picture as the wicked walk by they can look in and see what they gave up, and how tragic and overwhelming would it be if; as they walked by they saw their loved ones inside, out of reach, will that not be a feeling of such loss of indescribable magnitude?  This is what I call the Hell part, to feel such loss, and to think (memory part) we could have made the decision, but didn’t, and now lost for all time, when we could have had “all time” and would not. 

As Jesus looked over Jerusalem the day before His death, that great city of God on this earth, and His people He had nurtured as babes for centuries, and now He had come “as promised”[23] to rescue them form sin, yet, they would not, and why we ask?  For the same reasons we today will not follow the truth rather than the state of the art of religion which my friend is destined to that Hellish feeling of loss one day.

My prayer is that this little article will stimulate your “memories” or “insert some new ones” that will help you “and me” make the right decisions before the end of time.


Article 2002 by MOSESCATS

Genetic Makeup

Did you realize; the first proverbial ameba, which came up from the proverbial evolutionary slime, had to contain all the genetic makeup of all the colors that exist “in the entire animal kingdom”, and it had to contain also, “all the unique shapes”, “the almost inconceivable diversity of all life on this planet”?  All in that “one mutating cell”?  Just think; it had to contain everything that makes up every plant and animal we observe today, as well as man, the most complicated and complex of all, isn’t this a stretch beyond belief? 

This is, my friend, the accepted teaching, in its simplest definition.  The belief “our children” are blindly (innocently might I add) accepting almost as gospel[24] and that is; to believe that all life spontaneously sprang from one ameba[25] (“ameba” as I will call it for the term of this exploration of thought).

When you consider the iridescent colors, that some of the fish of the sea reflect, or the mired of flowers display, in perfect pro-creation order, that is, “with each successive generation”, where the next looks just like the previous in color and unique complexity,

This then demands the question; “How did all these billions of variations come from one ameba or single cell[26]”.  Then, if you can grasp that question, much less answer it, answer this one; “How could, or why would, a thoughtless ameba desire, to be, say, iridescent orange, in lieu of the desire to look like the Jones’, of which everybody in the neighborhood wants to be like?”  Where did he get the gene for this color, to pass on for posterity, unless he already had it? 

Have you seen the truth that genetics have shown us?  We don’t just pick up genetic traits, colors, shapes, even mental ability on the fly, it had to have been built in to the “original: every color, every distinct unique detail, of every species on this planet.

We look with awe as we see the national geographic specials showing all the creatures under the water, the birds of paradise, the colors in the insect kingdom, the diversity of colors in the plants, and when we see these things, doesn’t it ever cross our minds; “How could all this genetic diversity, “that reproduces itself with exact accuracy”, “generation after generation”, have come from a ball of fire in a vacuum?”

You see, the big bang theorizes; that an explosion, “of nuclear intensity mind you”, left a big ball of burning mass, a mass I assume like a cinder made from such intense heat, (ever held a cinder, with no life in it, and nothing in there to even breed life?  (This seems to have escaped the scenario!) or, think of it as a hunk of steel, when the elements have been melded by extreme heat, and then they say; from this burned out, spent mass, as it cooled, suddenly (in a vacuum now don’t forget) moisture appeared (from a lifeless  space, which has no moisture mind you) and then this cinder became mud, and after several volcanic eruptions (more intense heat – more molten rock – more lava - where life doesn’t exist, unless the wind may blow it in[27]) and then this mud, over billions of years, or you could even say trillions, or even to be more exact over eternal time, oh yes, created all the genetic diversity we have in front of us today


Each creature on this earth is dedicated to its own job of tending to this earth, all seem pre-dedicated to the balance of nature as science has well documented.  But when we look at the most intelligent of the species (man) it’s hard to understand how we have evolved to the point that; the lower forms of nature are still serving this balance with impunity[28]?  But man at his highest state (present) appears to be dedicated to its destruction, whether from greed or negligence, to absolute intentional destruction as Sadam Hussein in setting the oil fields on fire, or the hoodlums breaking out the glass of a school house just for fun.

How is it; the most evolved form of creatures (man) lives to consume, when the lowest forms still live to preserve the balance?  Really think about this one…then after conclusion answer the next dilemma;

When was it these evolving species began to make these decisions, and decided; “I’m going to the top, no wait, I’m going to stay on the bottom or, no wait, I think I’m going to wait until we go up on land before I decide to be a worm? 

I can see how the top of the evolutionary species, living just to consume, could establish the theory (looking back of course) “the survival of the fittest”, but that doesn’t answer; why did the lower species stay as servants, why didn’t all species seek to be on top, why did some stay behind just to keep the balance?  A balance that no one cares about?

When did the ameba “decide” it wanted to reproduce, or crawl up on land, or take to the sky, why wouldn’t every one of them want to do it all[29]?  Why would one stay behind by the same thought process, yes, and what about the thought process, when did the ameba decide it wanted to think, and develop ears or become a tree rather than a tiger on and on and on……….

 Tell me!


Where and when did the idea of serving a God come along in this survival of the fittest “who only think of themselves”? 

As we look around today we see the most intelligent of humans, “naturally”, trying to get away from God in our intellectual advancement, so why would this thought, “naturally”, even come up, that is, once the ameba decided it wanted to think[30].

Why and where in the mind of the ameba, assuming it developed a mind first, did this outside presence of mind begin, what purpose does it serve to be obligated to the lower forms, or why would it want to submit itself to something out side itself; and now you see why we are breaking away from that submission, it doesn’t even make sense!

One of the best debates I have ever seen was on an education channel; where an Evolutionist (Scientist and Philosopher), a Christian (MD, PHD, Physiologist) and a Buddhist (akin to the Deli Lama) debated this very subject; “of why and when, in the evolutionary process, did the thought of a God begin”.  It was quite a revelation; since the scientist was stunned, the Buddhist as well and the Christian, who believes something can be made from nothing seemed the same, stunned as to why we would place any form or creature above us, “if only in our minds”,

What do you think?         Or do you?


Where would love from a mother to its young come from?  This thought would never cross a mind unless something outside of our environment planted this thought, it just would not be spontaneous; especially in a code of the strongest survive.  Then there is the spirit world[31]; fear of this kind could not exist, only the fear of the lower species would be the challenge, and if not, at what point did this enter into the mix?  10, 000 years ago, 25,000 years ago 100.000, it just doesn’t make sense it came from nowhere, or nothing[32]; from nothing came the idea that we could create “a delusion” that has never been proven even in this age of intellect, an idea that only came by word of mouth, a fabrication of a mind, and nothing physical?  Since it is true, we have constructed a belief in the supernatural, then, we could prove there is a god out there by the evolutionary argument itself; but since this is not accepted, then where, when, why, how?


The aspect of the environment on this subject does not often come up because; the essence of the theory of evolution, creeds man, who is the strongest of course, is progressing to “a more and more intelligent state”, until soon he can predict the future as well as the past with absolute accuracy, for what its worth anyway.

But friends the state of the art tells us we are heading for destruction, not only environmentally, physically, but even mentally, spiritually; and all it takes is just an open Ear and eye to know it’s true.

Notice the cover of this National Geographic, the Fragile Web, an article on how easily the delicate balance of nature can be upset, and in so many ways it’s almost unbelievable, when it is studied in depth.  So if you think evolution created it all, and its getting better and better you need to read this article, and worse, this article leaves a belief; that the formation of man in the last recorded 6000 years (of which we can prove) in all his intelligence, has nearly brought it all to an end, something that lasted billions of years, under much more stress than man has applied over, realistically, the last 150 years of which time we know has led to all the decadence. 

How then could the world have survived over billions of years under this mentality with any being left alive?  This is about as dumb as the propitiators of the biblical view thinking God created Tyrannosaurus Rex and brought them across on the ark (even as babies) mankind would have been wiped out within a couple of years if not sooner (without weapons or shelter) by these beasts, quickly propagating and savaging, and answer me; when was it they decided to become big and clumsy instead of being a bird of paradise?


Now matter what questions we may ask, there is no answer only theory.  But let’s get logical for a few minuets, as I turn to something that is not buried in billions of calculations, and extrapolations, and theoretical assumptions, but has been handed down to us, not only by word of mouth, and culture, but by the written word, and has been documented and verified by the very stones themselves, where intelligent men, not half man half ape recorded what has been come to be called “our history”.

What was it?

What is truth Caesar asked: as if the past had been lost at that point in time, and friends, it had.  Oh no, not by the societies of reality who religiously had handed it down, but by the agnostics who rejected it, who had rejected even the prophecies of the ancients which had come true one by one with startling accuracy up to their focal point in the predicted the one of truth, who would come right on time according to history, and be rejected by even his own.

Still to today, modern man cannot see the forest for the trees, truth from reality, Caesar could just as easily have said; “what is reality” and he would have been making the same analogy; for him, it was Rome the seat of his god, and that’s all he knew.

As we look around today, what is mans god in reality? 

Do we need a god in our being any more as individuals? 

My conclusion is observed in the life of John Wayne; who doubted creation to the end, but on his death bed recanted, just in case, and he called for a priest.

As we search inside ourselves; we can see one reality out there for us, one we know for sure will come, and in one day the question will come at our death; “what’s life anyway, that man can’t give it?” 

It’s in the blood, the history tells us, but where did that come from?  Oops too late, time to die, no time to explore it now “mister science” you missed it. 

“But for me and my house”, I’m agreeing, “we will serve the ancient of days, the author of the week of creation who promises life after death, and who came right on time according to the prophecies as a witness to that reality”, and this one inescapable reality; “gives me a past, a present, and a future” the world cannot know but only sees the darkness of eternal space in all directions. 

Talk about four walls, and mental claustrophobia, talk about schizophrenia, where’s the escape without?

I believe our genetic make up, handed down from our past, is what makes man into the image of what he is, and was in the beginning; but as Caesars of time, get this now, we have become hypnotized by our surroundings, so much so, that we cant see into the reality of space and time, and as we lose touch, more and more, with our past, we tend to repeat her errors with impunity, to the point; it becomes our society, and as the theory rightly sets; only the fittest survive in that world.

Right now, at the time of this writing, a nuclear threat is becoming a real scenario, the dirty bombs first, and then the hands of the terrorists get the real thing, and we anticipate the complete annihilation of humankind as the aftermath.  We see these groups forming all over the world bent on destruction, and why?  Could it be they only see a distorted reality, or no reality?  In both respects, they are armed and dangerous, and they are going to repeat the error of their fathers only this time the weapons are all consuming.

We stand, whether we want to accept it or not, as one of the last civilized nations; watching almost in unbelief of the way the world is turning, and knowing someday it will come to our shore, “again”, and within us is a growing hopeless mass who have nothing to live for but hate, and they see nothing behind them worth latching on to, and no hope for the future, and their present is becoming unattainable, and against them, and soon, the factions that be will separate them into “Muslim like” instability, and life, life as we know it, will be mutated genetics at its best, and our makeup; will only be a facade for us!  Our nighttime medicines wont help us sleep, we need hard core, yet some how we have a paradox because we’ve become immune to it now, and then the days and nights are blended together to where time has lost its value, and again we are justified in our beliefs for we see around us; only the strongest surviving, and in those days friends, there will be darkness, not only mentally but physically, and God forbid, Spiritually even though there will be spirits everywhere, and folks this is our genetic makeup at its height!  Not at all what we predicted of man, the prince of evolution, at his highest state.

Changing the Course of History






This is what we are fighting for? Freedom to continue such barbarous practices, in the name of god!What kind of god do they serve?

Not any god I want, or know, for the God I know doesn’t even support the modern views of “Hell” he is accused of…

To whom ever it may concern; if this turns you off, and makes you ask what kind of god is it these people worship?  How could you possibly think then; God – Jehovah God  – the real Messiah, as defined in this news letter, would do even worse to “your child and mine” who didn’t make Heaven?

How, my friend, could you enjoy eternity knowing that out there somewhere in the unknown, your child is being tortured and burned (by god) but not allowed to die?

Look again at the picture and maybe you’ll take another look at your religion, just moments away from these very practices.  (re “Watchman on the Wall” article www.mosescats.com )

They say; you just don’t understand and should be passive…

Oh, I understand…but do they?

Featured Article


Changing the course of history

What is the present course of history?

Well, today, as I’m writing, it’s the year 2004 in the month of February, let me look at my calendar, it’s the 22 day of the month on the day of the Sun.  (Sunday February 22, 2004)

Doesn’t that tell you “in time” where our course has led us at least to that point?

The second month, the 22 day, in the year 2004….

At least, time wise, this tells us where history has come so far, to this very day month and year in time, but if you want to know; “what the state of the art of history is”, or what this day is “historically”, or what is this year according to history; 2004 ad, now that’s going to take me a long “time” to tell you, and it might just stretch into another day or so, and even longer because history changes every day doesn’t it?  Right up to this very point “in it” we stand.

What major event happening now, in this year of 2004 ad could we say, is actually changing the course of history, of which I am alluding to, as some events have done in the past; events that have “changed the course of history”? 

Well, let me think of one, this year, that may have changed the course of history[33]; 

Changing the course of History?

Lets see, this year Sadam Husain was captured, after a long search to find the perpetrators of the 911 event, of which event; at least I’ve herd it stated anyway; was the last event to actually change history, lately; and according to some reporters, and most agree, “has changed life in the USA, and it will never be the same, just this one single event”,

For how long?….do you remember???

But friend;

Was this really an event that we could say; “changed the course of History? 

Well no, we need to admit it, it’s not, even if it was to us the beginning of a new way of looking at life here in the USA, but it really was not one of those major events that will go down in history “as pivotal”; an event like; “where we were heading in one direction and suddenly we were going in another direction with no length of time in between”, now that’s a real “pivotal event”, that’s a real change in “course”, and “history”, wouldn’t you agree?

I recall reading about a family who; while living in Israel when the fighting broke out once again in the 1980’s, and how their life had changed as they had known it since the 60’s, and how now they couldn’t even go to the grocery store without hearing the bullets fly over head, and taking a chance on being killed, as many of their friends had been.  But soon, as time went on, and the fighting didn’t cease, it was back to life “kind of as usual”, the schools reopened, as well as the markets and the banks, and people went back to work, of course with caution, walking down only certain streets, but life soon went back to somewhat normal, and it “still” goes on under the canopy of shots overhead and the suicide bombings even to today 25 years later.

The same was with the last World wars, where they also thought that life had changed forever, but with each successive war, when it seemed like each one was changing the course of history; and maybe it did for a period of time; but eventually things went back to normal.


  My family in Belgium lost all that they had during one world war, when the passing armies took my inheritance completely away by using our house for a headquarters, but after the war and in time, they got back some of their loss, their businesses recovered, and they went on as usual with the rest of their life, my inheritance was minimized but, life goes on none the less.

What I’m trying to say is; these events even like the World wars, which left their marks on society, were not however what you would call “pivotal events” like the one I’m looking for. 

Let’s think; what event of the past really did change the course of history forever, and things never went back to normal, or at least, that event stands out as one of the greatest events of history and time?

You know, as I begin to think about this it’s hard to separate time from history, they simply go together, especially when we are trying to determine things like we are trying to determine, don’t they? 

So, let’s think about something, an event or something that has really turned the course of history, and time, and has had a lasting effect.

What about the discovery of America and the eventual settling of this new land, separating mankind from life as usual in the old country and its thousands of years of handed down history?  Now this was defiantly a drastic event in history for some, but, over time my friend, we have fully settled in, and actually have become “business and life” as it has always been, the same as in the old country, as before, as before.

Same as it’s ever been……. 

Oh sure, we have our independent history, and time based events; such as the civil war, which changed things temporarily, but when we look at ourselves “globally”; moving to this continent, although a memorable event, really, in the long run, hasn’t changed the course of History has it?  Maybe for us, but I’m thinking world wide as we write.

What about the trip to the moon? 

Now that defiantly changed the course of History!

Or did it really? 

Why haven’t we continued to go back, and build a station there after 40 years?  Instead we are building one in space, suspended in the void and vacuum, attached to nothing, as a building block? to eventual one on the moon? 

No that event as spectacular and unprecedented as it was, if it happened, did not change the course of history, although it has set in motion a new direction of travel and a lot of nice electronic devices; but, just as we traveled to the continent of America by boat, not knowing whether we were going maybe to fall off the end of the world, no it hasn’t had a lasting effect on time and history, and why? 

I’ll say it again, because life returned to normal, and quickly in the scheme of time, and it was forgotten, and so to will life on the moon do so if that becomes a reality, just another landmark in the historical documentation of time, that is, unless someone eradicates it from the history books and says it never happened.

Maybe we should stop and think about life itself for a moment; and what it is that could change it so much so, that the course of history would be affected?

I can think of one event or three actually that should have changed the course of history permanently, and did for the lives of every man woman and child, in three whole nations that “once existed” historically; and that was; three of the 7 tribes who corporately brought down the “Great Roman Empire” back there in the 5th century of history A.D.; and it was what happened to these three, once powerful nations, that will go down in history as a real turning point or should, at least.

These three nations were powerful enough to help bring down the last great and mighty world empire (Rome) an empire that was so powerful it ruled the whole world under “one head” for 644 years, but history tells us; only to be destroyed by ten tribes, allied together to bring her down. 

However, three of these nations who once existed in time (there’s the time part) I say, three of these nations according to history (there’s the history part) were soon to be wiped out completely and were forever “genocide” every man woman and child, by another power that was soon to follow Rome, thus destroying their unique cultures “forever”, and their possible contributions to society, to posterity, their history now, all gone, “forever”! (there’s the event) and it happened to three of the ten nations as I said (7 of the ten are still on the map of Europe today, three are forever vanished through genocide[34]).

The Vandals, Ostrogoths and the Heruli were these once three unique societies of people; talk about three events that should have changed the world in history and in time, this should be it, but have you ever herd of them? 

Of course you haven’t, even though these events should have gone down in history as examples of mans ultimate cruelty, for political and religious gain, as it was in their cases, but it does not.

Did these events have a lasting effect on mankind to remember and not repeat? 


Hitler; convinced a whole nation mind you, that the Jews needed to be destroyed from the face of the earth, and they went right along with his plan of genocide!

 modern genocide attempt by Molosovich

More recent; Molosovich tried to destroy his neighbors, with his nations support, and had the USA not intervened, he (Molosovich) and the Pope (who stood at a distance, with Russia in distant collaborations) I say had it not been for the USA again we may have wiped out yet another culture from existence in time and history.

Even more recently; terrorists have tried to destroy the Serb people for the gain of the oil reserves under their homes,

Displacing millions and turning them into refugees, and eventual oblivion, unless someone steps in? But friend, it’s gone so far now, and over so many years now, there’s little hope for these fellow human beings; yet we barely know about it, most have never herd of it, from even the press who rarely covers it anymore.  What a tragedy for this day and age, and I wouldn’t have even known about it had I not prepared the article on “Jehod” for www.mosescats.com .

Friends, as extreme as these events were and are, and the multi-millions that have been wiped out of existence at various times, these “documented, and historical, times”, these actual events, have just gone down in history, and are continuing to do so, but are not considered events that have changed the course of history, and sadly so, and life goes on as normal, and they are quickly forgotten, and even denied[35];

Nothing so far has come to mind that has really changed the course of history, so I’m taking a break and will pick it up when I can think of something.


What is happening today, when I pick this piece up again and write a little more on it? 

Let’s see,

It’s March 6, 2004

A Sabbath day this time; the Holy day of God, not named after the sun, but God himself the Father of mankind;  S”abba”th, do you see his name right in the middle of His day?  Jesus cried “Abba” in His darkest moments….Papa….intimate….

Changing the course of Time?

I emphasize this because I’ve found something; “one single event”, unarguably, that has changed the course of time in history and continues to do so every week that passes, “the Sabbath” , no matter what its called, is a memorial of the first Sabbath that was created by God, the father of creation, at then end of the first week, and this one event has resounded down through the ages as an event to mark “time itself”, to divide time into a “complete cycle[36]”, and it’s only in “the history of God” that this memorial (The Sabbath) at the end of mans “weekly cycle” can be found, unless you look at what day “still ends the week” on your calendar even to today, it’s still the 7th day folks. 

This should tell us something…

But if that doesn’t make you stop and think for a moment; to ask; “just when did the “sacredness” which was “set on that specific day by God”, on the “first” 7th day of creation, marking the end of the “first” week for mankind after the creation[37], I ask again; “when in history did the sacredness of the 7th day (the Sabbath), the sacredness placed on it by God himself”, and set as a memorial for man to keep forever, “when did that solemnity change”? 

In time and history friend? 

That one single event then, must be a memorial of all memorials right?  Such of an event like this that changed time and history, now that must be a well known documented happening then, in history and time; to have altered Gods (the creator God mind you) to have altered Gods 10 commandments and statutes, written on stone with His own finger.  I say it must be a well documented event to have challenged Gods ability to place “as sacred” one day for eternity to worship Him (His claim not mine), I say; “this event, the changing of the Sabbath to Sunday, had to go down in history as the ‘one single event’ that has changed the course of history and time, for it did both!” 

When did that happen?

You have no clue do you? 

This event, as I said, that should go down as an event that changed the course of time forever, but yet, no one knows when it happened; “when the worship day of God” was supercede by “the worship day of the sun” not the son. The most sacred of days, of which God even placed His name on the name, changed into the day of worship of the pagans, the venerable day of the sun, and named as such, worshiped by the pagans since forever, when their father Satan, began to influence man in his ways over Gods ways, and guess what?  Just like the Germans; who went along with Hitler; and just like the people in the day of the genocide of the three nations out of existence during the reign of the mother church in her efforts to gain political and religious power in the world; I say, just as those people stood by and watched multimillions of people being tortured and their heads cut off by the guillotine, and in the most horrific ways; history records my friends; as these people stood by and let this happen.  It’s the same thing as today, most churches just standing by and letting the leftists remove the 10 Commandments from the halls of the court house (2004 ad), and just as the people (the churches), at this moment in time, the majority mind you, stand by an watch marriage being destroyed through the influence of, the detestable to God, Homosexuality (that will eventually breakdown life as we know it, in this last stronghold of Christianity), so it was in time, the day of God become destroyed by substitution, and listen closely, by the same powers that have been behind all the other events we have raised and worse, supported by “the ignorant mass” (churches), who cant see the lasting effect it will have on life as we have known since the beginning.

I suppose; because it takes time for these things to happen, even though under our noses, yet because they just creep in and slowly compromise us, we don’t see it happening until it’s too late.  Even when they are “events that change the course of history in time” we still don’t see it, and if we do we turn a blind eye to it.

So even though as big as the event was of denying God “His worship” on “His day”, I suppose in the end, this too wasn’t an event that changed the course of History as we have been searching.

I’m breaking now to find that one event……

This is the one event I think I’ve now found; and I believe it is one we all will acknowledge, even though Satan has tried to dissolve its impact, and even though he has caused us to forget it, it is the “one single event that did change the course of history and time and cannot be denied by anyone!

Listen, if this isn’t the only event that has changed the course of history, I’d like for you to tell me of another I thought long and hard.  And friend this one event that has forever changed the course of history and time, has become the most obscure, yet most well known of all events, making it a paradox if there ever was one. 

But its like the most bizarre of events that we can remember, lets say an event that we’ve been a personal witness’s to; eventually  after time the impact of that event goes away and leaves our daily conscious; like the death of our parent or child, sure they never leave our subconscious, and rarely led one to suicide because they just cant get over it, but what I’m trying to say; “something’s”; even if they have changed the course of history and time, and we see clearly that it has, and history itself  acknowledges it has, and time proves it has, yet we loose touch with the impact it should have on us daily , weekly, as the Sabbath should have, even moment by moment in our personal and conscious being for some reason it’s back to normal as always.

This one great event which I found, was even foretold by hundreds of years in prophecy, and it was (here it is) “the coming of the Messiah to this earth”, right on prophetic time mind you, “changing the course of history time”, BC/AD, and even though this reality has been forgotten by the years that have separated us from that event, lets think about it once again, for it is truly the only “single event” in history that has changes the course of time! 

Look again at the title of this work; I’ll bet you’ve already forgotten the title, because it meant nothing to you then!  And it was after I discovered this connection that I added “bc/ad” to the title.

  A Change in the course of HISTORY  - B.C./A.D.!

So we are all caught in this reality together, but it’s where we go from here, having possession now of this truth and what we do with it, that will set our destiny forever, and I have no doubts about it friend.

Think about it, the only event in history that has literally changed History’s course from counting backwards from the year “0” to counting forwards from the year “0”. 

If you don’t catch on how important this understanding is, think about this;

We’ve come 2004 years from what event?

 The year “0” and what was so significance about that time that we started counting time different?  Starting with “0” at that point in time[38]?

What was happening in those years that were abnormal that it would be a cruxes year, most all calendars acknowledge and numerate around, and equate to?

Is it just the modern world, the post Christian world that acknowledges this cruxes in time keeping? 

What if it is? 

Why should the Christian concern himself with whether the Jews acknowledge it or not, they rejected the Messiah! 

Why should the Christian world even be concerned about this cruxes in time and history? 

Because it is the focal point of history “to the Christian world” a period when the Messiah, the Savior would come and fulfill all history and prophecy foretold about Him, to expose the false prophets, and even after He went back to heaven He sent back His message to “foretell” of his workings during the time between the first coming and the next.  A period of time for preparation for the Judgment and the end of time history as we know it He told us all and left none out.  Friend if we can’t with assuredly know what this all means and why this message is so important then we will never understand the things Jesus specifically asks us to know and understand in Mathew 24:  when speaking about the end of the world and a time in history in our very near future.

Gods prophecies foretold the coming of the Messiah, and it happened just as was foretold, and isn’t it odd that “that very period of time surrounding the birth of the Messiah in bc time up to his cutting off (crucifixion) ad time” was when time and history have a cruxes, have a “course change like none other”, and this may be the most important thing you could ever learn, and if you read the various writings on this site you will find this is “the focal point of all truth and expositions both of the Savior and the beast of 666” who are in the conflict of the ages for souls, yours and mine, and we my friend, must know this truth to survive the deceptions coming.

Present Time in History……..
A small relative issue about current events and how they affect us…

Do you realize Mr. Religious; that you are “a heretic”; that is, unless you are a Roman Catholic?

I’ll bet you don’t even realize that one day, when this church returns to her political power, in the USA, you will be persecuted again by “this same power” that did it originally under the osmosis of heresy during the Dark Ages?

You say that is a hate crime to say that about a religion.

Well, it’s not one yet, but it soon will be, and you can bet on it[39],

But friend, there’s something else you don’t realize, and that is, I’m not the one labeling you a heretic; but it’s “that religion” itself saying it; and it would be conducive for you to read the proof, to see if what I am reading is really what they are saying?

We don’t want to be wrong about this, but listen, in the past it has always been, if you check out the history, this church always stands in the background, making these claims, and holding these demands as “ecumenical edicts unto themselves within their own state”, but on the surface they are letting, or demanding in some cases, that someone else  speak of these matters for them, so as not to connect themselves with any reprisals that may arise and expose them as the beast of the ages.

Oh boy you say; now you are really committing a crime and could be sued.

Well, once again, it’s not me speaking or making these claims, but Sir Isaac Newton who made that very statement (Re my article on the “Last World Empire” www.mosescats.com ), and believe it or not, he was only repeating Biblical truths clear to all who have broken away from this power and religion, a religion that has gone astray from the teachings and doctrines of the “Bible and the Bible only” into church traditions, upholding instead edicts from the various Popes and councils down the ages, and according to what you are going to read; this then allows them to call those who have departed from these doctrines, traditions and edicts of the vicar, the holy see, yes this then allows them to call you and all your protestant friends “heretics”.

Read and weep if you feel guilty…..

Zoom in to read the article: (It is interesting to note that since I published this article, this web site “Mary on line” has been taken down?  Search for it and you will see, however the article this online magazine reprinted came from the council of Trent hundreds of years ago (as referred to in the article) and can be found in numerous places on line elsewhere.

Now am I miss-reading this?  Or am I reading something into it, which is not there?

No friend; this thing says two things to me, and should also to you if you are wise….remember Jesus said…...

Now that’s a memory thing isn’t it?

[1] I herd a fellow, a scientist, while under the influence of Galapagos state; “it’s (the theory of evolution) it’s no longer a theory, it’s a fact”.  Yell I thought and so was the Peking man.
[2] We all know that any belief whether Evolution, or what ever, is held religiously when it comes to comparison, that’s why I say “contemporary”, and that’s why the man I spoke about is getting so defensive, he’s found his religion and he’s defending it.
[3] I’m reluctantly saying this for there is abundant proof for the Bible but in the context of science, as it is known today, it has progressed to this point.  Thus why I’m expanding the thoughts on why we’ve been sucked into a belief, a religion, without substance, and that there is an alternative much more fulfilling.  That’s what this article is all about but it does have a punch line in the end.
[4] See my article on “Genetic Makeup”, attached.
[5] I just had to insert this one; a creationist made the statement; “Evolutionists believe man came from a rock”.  A woman professor came up to him very irate, and said; “We do not believe such a preposterous thing and we do not teach this in our universities”.  The creationist said; “ok, where do we come from”;  The professor said; “After the big bang, and our earth splintered off and cooled, and the moisture began to form in the atmosphere and after billions of years of the rains falling on the primordial rocks… life… sprang.. Forth… from the.. soup”.  The last few words were staggered when it came to her attention “they do teach man come from rocks” under that scenario.  Is your great, great, great, grandfather a monkey getting smarter and smarter?  Or, fashioned by the hands of a designer, one the world “has known”, and getting dumber and dumber?  We can create a diamond from coal, but cannot spark life into the smallest of rocks or their residue.
[6] It’s almost like saying “then there’s the Osborn’s”….
[7] How is it we can believe Martians created the race of man but not God? And listen most of these believers are evolutionists.  Look at it sensibly though; if these aliens have evolved into such efficient bodies then why didn’t they create man in their image? So anti…Sure I believe there is life out there too, so don’t get me wrong; there is life out there without a doubt and it looks just like us! And the light illuminating from that life, which is in our sight, is not starlight. (see my take on  “The dwelling place of God” on www.mosescats.com )
[8] If we did make the claim, how could we verify it?  It would take how many light years to escape our galaxy? You do the math I’ll supply the function;  [c=phi*D; C=230 million years] is that over a million sun years, Just to break our galaxy?  To get a better Idea of how wide our galaxy alone is, it’s been estimated at “over a million trillion kilometers across!  Pluto is 3.658 million miles from earth.  We’ve just lately become familiar with millions, but trillions…it’s safe to say just our own space in the infinity is huge beyond imagination, and yet not one inhabitable planet save ours in it, and when we think we’ve found one, we could never prove it it’s just to far, and to travel at the speed of light is impossible as yet (remember a million trillion K across our galaxy) traveling at the speed of say 30,000 K/hr lets see that’s an unbelievable 3.8 trillion years to cross, and let me inform you if you didn’t know, science fiction is still science fiction, and we had better learn to sort it out!
[9] If you think I’m exaggerating look up the National Geographic article on the missing link- “the flying dinosaur” that turned out to be a hoax! Along with all the pelt down men of the so called prehistoric age, everyone of these front page articles have been shown as hoaxes, yet the magazines and most “school books” still bill them as authentic when trying to prove evolution this my friend is scary.  I’ve got more reference for you on this so you’ll know it’s true, keep reading.

[10]Certainly life expectancy is rising but according to the bible it used to be 100's of years back there towards perfection.  Go to the third world countries and check the life span and it only increases when we fix their habitat like ours, take it away and their mortality rate increases.  Don’t be led astray by false use of statistics.  Genetic disruption can up our longevity but we will destroy our planet that much faster so it’s a catch twenty two and don't forget the social security system is busted?  Maybe Logan’s run is the answer, kill off those over thirty?  Believe it or not but there are some very well known figures out there that are demanding the population be less that a third of what it is today and eventually with their power and our “democratic” mentality I believe will make it happen.  What they hope to gain for themselves is beyond me?

[11] The Chinese past believe it or not has been found to believe in the God of creation of the Biblical history.  Archeologists have found and deciphered ancient scripts on tortoise shells that speak of the worlds God.  They tried to destroy this history in the 2nd Century AD but the truth will come out on everything in the end and you can take it to the bank.
[12] See my article on “Changing the course of History” See Appendix.
[13] Sir Isaac Newton the Icon of the scientific age makes this profound statement. “If I have achieved anything it’s because I have stood on the shoulders of the great men of the past”.  Incidentally Darwin, although having graduated from the same university as Newton, with a religious degree not a science believe it or not, has been shown to have made the wrong shoulders his choice.  Just think if he had stood on the shoulders of Newton rather than the ones he did, what direction we may have gone, and what achievements we may have made.
[14] Listen to www.drdino.com and his downloadable mp3 seminars found on his site.  This is reference material you must listen to at least once.  I don’t subscribe to all he teaches but his library of knowledge is unsurpassed.  Don’t go there my evolutionist friend unless you want the truth that will set you free from theory and present to you a future not science fiction.


[15] A religion that believes in the theory of evolution as a real definition of our past, in conjunction with the Bible that is, as if there could be any cohabitation.  Now that’s dark just on the surface, but when you dig deeper into this coming “world religious”(powers) resurgence (actually a resurrection of once held power) you find many “unbiblical doctrines” and “dark age” lies conceived for the purpose of power only and to regain world dominion taken from her by the protestant heretics, who, on the other hand, have had their eyes blinded by this deceptive light  and God has given them over to strong delusions (II Thess 2:11) and we are discussing them now. See appendix article from maryonline.com “Rome’s challenge”
[16] Rejection of God and His Word is final each and every time we willfully do so, but more subdued is the rejection of God through Worship of another whether it be through a religion which teaches non Biblical doctrines or putting sports, music, even our job, as our utmost venue.
[17] The oriental countries, in the smaller providences or in the suburbs, is where we find the old ways, maternal and moral steadfastness still prevails as handed down through the years from Genesis.  I hold to the assumption that the three wise men that came to see Jesus by studying the prophecies had held the scriptures sacred for hundreds of years.  I’m not saying now change is not good but where does it stop unbridled?  Some societies have changed so dramatically they are completely gone.
[18] Lets face it, if you were Satan, bent on destroying anything about God, wouldn’t you, by the hand of those you can influence, do the very things that have been done to destroy any faith in the true God or His truths?  And if you were bent on destroying Gods people as well, you would set the contemporary and religious world against them in any way you could.  This has proven itself over and over and Israel remains still the hated country by the Arab world because of God choosing Isaac instead of Ishmael, and is it more than chance that the USA is quickly becoming the same, because we share their faith in God and history, and much more so because we are “Christians” we might just play out to be hated more than them, or that is, up until tomorrow; when we remove Jesus from our society, and churches, to be replace in essence by Mary or some other saint of whom could take the place of God to forgive sins, who needs them then?  You tell me…Isn’t it odd the one faith that claims authority over God, are the very ones who have persecuted more than the terrorists ever thought to, to gain their justifications and claims?  Check out the history and you’ll see what I am saying (see “Watchman on the Wall” this site, as well as most of my connections)
[19] If the popular opinion has its way, we will destroy our history as have others, because it stands in the face of their humanistic requirements, and they “will do it” with the same power and force of their mother, who during the French Revolution used the same humanistic reasons for that destruction of God and anything else that stood in their perverted way.  Today they have to accept our history, but tomorrow, if it’s destroyed there’s nothing to accept or deny, see the logic?  If you don’t think we are on that brink right now you aren’t watching the news or have no knowledge of God His will and His ways as handed down to us as sacred “not to be touched, Harry” for as soon as we touch them we pervert them out of existence, the way of man under the influence of evil.
[20] The Bible predicted this would happen and when the Lamb like (Christ like, Christian nation, USA) beast, rising up, not out of the masses of peoples past (which is represented by the sea in prophecy) but from the land.  When this beast reaches her maturity, it will make an image to the previous beast, which had received a deadly wound (1798ad), meaning this lamb like beast would follow in her footsteps; in establishing her doctrines (religious of course), by law, and enforcing them like she did (re Rev. 13:11-15) under penalty of death (as she did of course) eventually this is inevitable and the stage is set its just few see it and it’s spiritual significance. You say oh that could never happen in a nation of freedom, but have you ever noticed how mad anti-religious people are, and how they are attacking even the little things today?  On the news just yesterday this group is attempting to remove a small cross from the seal of the city of Los Angles CA, not to mention her previous master achievements in taking God entirely out of societies view, can’t you see Satan working here, and the results, even in the churches?  This however is nothing new for in the past, and as predicted in the future, the mother religion and her daughters of Christianity, has and will do the same and that is to “replace God by theirs”.  Friend in this little tidbit of prophecy alone there is just no guess work as to who these beasts are coupled with history, and if you no nothing about it, and want the details (see “The Last world empire” this site).  But don’t wait to late sides are forming as we speak, and Gods side is well defined and not without prerequisites that we might stand in those dark times.
[21] We once knew the predictions of the Bible when we were first “protestors” but now that we have become Protestants we have allowed Satan to pervert the truths so clear into lies and we gulp them up and will be left behind until it’s too late.
[22] Just a note to all who have been deceived into thinking works have no place in the age of Grace.  “Faith without works is dead” look it up; thus works must be important for this to have been said, denying altogether the text we just read which specifically states Jesus rewards works.  Works my friend are natural to the “saved”, the real Christian, and they do them “because they have been saved”, “not to be saved”, as even Jesus was accused of trying to make Himself out to be God, you see. It’s a perception problem, and Satan is seeing fit the eyes are closed so they cannot see that the works of God are pure, but works of the flesh are condemned, and Paul is so misquoted on this because he “is confusing”, that is to those who are unlearned in the works of God, the same God who created them, and why? To facilitate a new creation out of us; that will not lie, kill steal and have any other gods worship but His in our memories. (Bottom line)…. Contrast the two last day groups (Rev. 14) and see if worship is not the mark of the beast, and it’s worship my friend that the lamb like beast will enforce as the image, death will soon follow again, you mark it down or be sympathetic to it, then who’s side are we on?
[23] Right on time according to prophecy (see “The Abomination of Desolation” this site)
[24] And if you think this theory is not kin to a religion then your thought process has stopped.
[25] Look at the appendix for an article about the “sponge”, used in lieu of my ameba, for a scientific statement from the National Geographic; you’ll think “Art” is back on the payroll in Baghdad. (Art you recall was the reporter who was giving distorted information to the press and was released from the Geographic)
[26] The single atomic cell we’ve been trying to spark life into over the last several decades and, considering the amount of technology we have applied to it you would think by now we would have gotten the mix right as did evolution without any intelligence inert.
[27] Have you herd the theory that life came in from another planet on a comet?  Ever seen a comet after it passed through the atmosphere?  Liken to a cinder…
[28] I know you need a thinking mind to use this word but how else can you explain it and you will see the paradox as I go on.
[29] The master then of the species would be, say, the animal who could breathe under water, and on land, and could fly.  I ask again; “Why wouldn’t all species decide this was what they wanted, including man? You say you’ve proved the point survival of the fittest made the difference, I say then, why did the lower forms decide to stay lower even the fittest ones?  It’s the same dilemma in either direction thus canceling itself out as logic, but who’s logical in the theoretical world now days just “single (closed) minded”.
[30] They try to use a baby as an example but a baby already has a mind that can think and reason, it is built in, it learns because it had a mind to begin with.  Take a person who for one reason or another has become a real vegetable, now they don’t have a mind to think in the conscious state anyway, how long would that person need to lay there before it begins to think?  A hundred years a thousand?  Without brain activity there’s no thought!  So which comes first the chicken or the egg it certainly does fit here doesn’t it?
[31] A world we all know exits.
[32] This is what the creationists think so that can’t be right, right?
[33] As I’m editing this article for my site several months after I had initially written it, one of these events occurred yesterday that is a “preamble” to a predicted future the Bible presents and that was; “the president of the USA went to Rome to meet with the Pope in this time of uncertainty” if that doesn’t tell you something you need to browse my site.
[34] Notice the definition of this word; “the deliberate extermination of a racial, ethnic, political or religious group of people.”  We now have the 1948 UN resolution, and the Geneva Convention that punishes “by death” this type behavior. This doesn’t stop religious zealots who think they are doing Gods service, even under what we think are civil societies.  Bill O’rielly inaccurately stated that the Roman Catholic Church was the stabilizer of society during the dark ages?  When in fact; it was “her” that genocide the three nations above for religious reasons alone. Justify that Mr. infallible and all you who blindly follow who will do likewise some day according to the Bible.  If only to allow it to happen as did the Germans who stood by and let their choice of leader attempt to genocide a whole people group.  I’d take a serious look at all the facts placed on this site that proves “all roads lead to Rome” and still do…..
[35] There is a growing mass who do not believe the Holocaust took place, and some day their kids will reject it too and repeat it.
[36] Science has found out that our bodies function around a seven day cycle, and the Bible is the only source historically for the creation of the “week”.  Just maybe God made it?  You think? A kid once said “I don’t believe in God, God does not exist” and the creationist said answer me this then; “do you know everything”, the kid said; “no”, the creationist said; “ ok, lets assume you know half of everything kid, do you suppose that God may exist in the half you don’t know”.  Think about it…..
[37] I love the ill-logic of those who say the creation days were not literal days; if so how could the trees created on the 3rd day exist without the sun created on the next day….a thousand years later?  Most religions today believe God used evolution as a means of creation?  If you still do you are a prime candidate for the future genocide attempts on Gods people who believe the Bible and the Bible only (Rev 13).
[38] Yes I know there was no year “0” but in a manner of illustration is how I’m using it.
[39]  Ralph Reed, One time spokesman for the Christian Coalition promised this to the “catholic coalition to the Christian Coalition” and I’ve got it on tape; He said that when we are in political power we will make it a crime to speak against the cloth.  He is now in politics….


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