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Suddenly to the forefront comes two obscure nations, but the nationalities that occupy them, now that's a different story.

Everyone who's in the know, knows who the two most opposing nationalities of the world for centuries have been.  Nations have risen and fallen, many of their names have been changed, but the people who occupy these two people groups and their areas of the world have a history handed down from generation to generation and we recognize them as part of mankind's history.

Who could argue that they do not believe in the Islamic (Arab) and the Israeli (Jew) nationalities, especially in these days and times.  Those of course who have studied the ancients know of their history and how far into the past these two nations of people can trace their descendents.

Nearly every cultured society have kept the story of Abraham alive, through word of mouth, as well as the written word.  Of course we still have these two societies with us today to remind us.

The Egyptian culture who has been closely associated with these two nationalities in the past, by virtue of the markings on stone which have not decayed over the years, also speak of the realities of these people groups.

Archeology over the past 80 years or so has done more to prove that the history of these two lineages are all that we have been told they are and were.

The evolution of Christianity, despite the dark ages, has held sacred the story of our past, of course it took archeology at the end of those dark years to rebirth the reality of the Messiah and the church He established that still exists to today, and the scriptures that have held this truth in tact.

The holy scriptures, of which include transcripts like the Torah and the Dead Sea Scrolls (but not the Koran) as handed down by the famous Moses, a character we are all still familiar with no matter what our culture has done to history, have been authenticated time and time again, but sometimes there is more power in the word of mouth than we give it credit for.  For in all history, as we look back, we see the many cultures that have risen and fallen that have attempted to pervert the scriptures but to no avail, for as I have pointed out above along comes the proof buried by time itself to witness of their reality.

The main reason these up coming cultures have tried to subdue the scriptures is the same reason popular opinion in the USA is trying to do the same, and that is;  they do not want to worship the God of creation.  For in that worship comes obligation to his law and we object that.  We want to be free agents, and that philosophy has found itself in all the cultures of the world.

Take for instance Afghanistan who; according to the prevailing powers, has no laws except that the holders of the “Koran”, who interpret the scriptures for the people, much like the priests and Pope did during the dark ages, tells them what the Koran says; like "we must rid the world of Americans".  Just like the Papacy told her people that anyone who had a religion different than Catholicism is considered a heretic and subject to death, and kill they did in the name of their god, but  friends not the God of creation, but the god of tradition, as the god of the Koran is doing this very day.  Calling the attention of the astute bible student  to all the times in the past where this scenario has been played out over, and over.

When we have no law, or even if we have perverted Gods law to the point we worship tradition rather than his law, that nation will fall in time from the list of nations who believe in real freedom.  That is, as it is found in the real God, and his word, as personified by the USA to the world under the government founded by her “original Constitution”.

Remember these words; "One nation under God indivisible with truth, liberty and justice for all" (forgive me but something like that), and our laws of the land have reflected that type of justice, restrained, yet when called to war, as in olden times, justified in bringing that injustice to a closure.  God someday will bring injustice to a closure and the whole world will wake up to that fact only to late I’m afraid.

I can say this with authority because the word of God, in the Scriptures we hold in the West, and the Scriptures held sacred in the East, both predict the future (which is our present) leaving no stone is left unturned as to what the end holds just prior to Gods returned judgment on this world. It talks about His people who have forsaken Him and gone after other gods to worship them, breaking His first commandment of the law, and then the next nine fall as dominoes, and  friends this is the picture of the nation of Afghanistan considered by one reporter to be a people “without any hope”.

As we watched his special report, taped several years ago when he was allowed into that country which is now in the forefront of the news today, we saw how that society has not progressed any further than it was in the first days of its existence, and the people are still under the subjection of Muslim rule and terrorism that holds as it's greatest hero's the Genghis Khans of the world, developing a societal mentality where cutting off the head of a human is no different than cutting off  the head of a goat.

We in America look at the scenes before us, and because we are so removed form the history (even our own), we can't understand such a society, and lament for the people, but to the poor innocent people in countries who do not share a culture based on Christ, one sometimes thinks a complete annihilation of the whole reign would be a blessing to these opressed, tortued and sometimes inslaved people, not a curse.

That is inconceivable to the American ear because we are removed from such behavior, and we pass what we call hate crime laws; where if one just vows hate for a religious bigot in sheep's clothing, we are considered to be just as guilty as a murderer.  Jesus said if you think to commit adultery against the Law of God you are guilty of death.  But friends he didn't say we were to be stoned to death now, no just the opposite.  Judgment has been reserved under the New Covenant.

In "our" (USA’s) very near future however, after we have finally destroyed the essence of our Constitution, we will join in with the mother religion of the Christians to once again put people to death thinking we are doing God a service[1], and we will not even see the relationship of ourselves to the enemy, and when we do folks we will be marked as those who have the mark of the beast.

Quickly now, will we jump to bring laws into force that will make this possible and we do it to protect freedom.

But friends we cannot protect freedom by passing laws agonist it, this just doesn't make sense, its not logical, and it doesn't work.  Just look at the nations we are seeing at war against us and what kind of live exists there, and you will see our founders had a spiritual insight we have lost in this age.

We are in a holy war my friends, but its not the kind we see on the present horizon, it's sin, and against the influence the beast power wants to mark us with.  God is our refuge and strength and a very present help in our time of need if we worship God and keep his commandments and have the faith of Jesus, the mark of His influence we will escape the final judgments that will be poured without mixture in the wrath of his indignation.  We as a nation became indignant when we realized the bombing was the work of an enemy and this was justified in our eyes, why then will we not see God is just in his final judgment and consumation ?

 Notice where the rally was held, the man shown above attended......

[1] Re Revelation 13, the USA in prophecy is the Beast coming up out of the earth, she will give power to the former power (the little horn of Daniel) by setting up an image to her (sun……) and the rest is history painted in advance to the wise who take Jesus’ warning in Mathew 24

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