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Jesus, when talking about the end of the world and what it would be like, he said; Ďwhen you see the abomination of desolation as spoken of by Daniel the prophet standing in the high placesÖ take heedÖ.and know what I am saying hereí. Now if you look back in the book of Daniel, as Jesus commissions us to, you will see this abomination is directly associated with the Little Horn Power, the Beast Power or the Anti-Christ that will come in the end of the world.

Now my question is; "why didnít Jesus refer us to John, who also talked about a Beast Power that was to come in the end of the world, why didnít He refer us to His more up to date (more current) prophecy?"

The answer is friends:

The only scripture Jesus could refer anyone to was Daniels writings, which was a part of what was called the scriptures in His day. John would not compile his book of revelation until 60 years after Jesus went back to heaven.

But listen,

It is more than obvious that John (who wrote down the Revelations) took Jesusí warning seriously and he obviously read what Daniel wrote concerning the Abomination, the Beast Powers and Anti-Christís that were to come, for his writings use the same phrases, dates and times Daniel used in describing when these certain powers would arise, and what they would do that could affect his future, and "OURS".

Someone might ask, how do we know John is speaking about the same future events Daniel spoke of, and do we know for sure they are the ones Jesus is referring to in Matthew 24?

Certainly we can be sure, because it was the same Spirit that told Daniel those things, back there 605 years before the turn of the ages, that told John 96 years after the turn of the ages (year 0). Notice in Rev. 1 John said; "I was in the Spirit"Ö of course we all know John was on the isle of Patmos when he wrote this.

Now if John was placed on this jail island, in exile, for having been associated with Jesus, then do you suppose he had access to all the old testament manuscripts, or had them in his possession ? I would tend to think not (we must think in terms of those days). If he didnít then the Revelations he wrote down were Spirit inspired (spirit recalled Ė i.e. John 14:26, and listen, John was not a physic or a scholar, he was just a fisherman, but he was in tune with the Spirit, and thatís how he has been 100 % accurate in the predictions or Prophecies, that have come to pass already, and you best be assured the ones not yet fulfilled will also transpire just as the Spirit spoke through John.

Daniel also wrote as he was shown in visions and dreams, and the Prophecies he wrote down that have met their fulfillment have also been 100 % accurate.

What does this tell us ?

The same Spirit, the same predictions, the same references, the same Powers being revealed, the same events being foretold that would take place "will" take place just as predicted.

Jesus warned "US" that certain things as spoken of by Daniel, and of course John too as understood now, are going to take place and will have an effect on us, and as he alludes, they may have a negative affect if we do not understand what they are and how to avoid them.

The comparison Jesus used was an illustration about what was to happen in the very near future of the people who were listening to him talk, but it was also a warning to the ears of the listeners in the end times, being us.

How was it in 70 AD when Jerusalem was destroyed being the comparison event ?

The people who heeded Jesusí warning looked from afar off and watched their city going up in flames, the ones who didnít heed the warnings, the predictions, the prophecy were surprised (as a thief coming at them in the night unprepared) and were destroyed.

So will it be in the end of time friends; those who have the Spirit of Prophecy as did John and Daniel (the same Spirit) will know and understand the Prophecies as to who this Abomination and Beast Power is and how they will fulfill the predictions and how it will affect the prepared as well as the unprepared.

If we do not know what these scriptures say, or if we have been deceived in believing a false prophet or false interpretation of the prophecy, we will be destroyed just a certainly as our example of those in the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.

If you go to Matthew 24, where our lead text was taken, you will see not only does Jesus admonish us to know Prophecy but He talks more about being aware of false prophets that will arise in the end times, and false prophecies, and about being prepared for the end of the world than he does about the anti-Christís.

Why ?

The last book, Revelation, given to us from God, to Jesus, through His Holy Spirit, to the Prophet, to the inspired translators, to us, and for us to prepare for the events to come as Jesus described them briefly, and friends they will be darker than any other period of time in history.

We need to begin preparing now, and this is the purpose of the next few studies; first to help us find, and have a genuine faith in the scriptures, as the infallible and only word of God, and secondly for us to know and understand that the scriptures interpret themselves and need no private interpretation, and that they are 100 % accurate in predicting coming events and powers, and lastly; that we might be Spiritually prepared, as well as physically, for those times. Trusting in Jesus alone, the author and finisher of our faith.


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